Struggling to know where to start with impact assessment?

Check-out our new guide for impact assessment! Last year we had the pleasure of working with the Green European Foundation (GEF) to provide an introductory training on impact assessment to the GEF team, their network and the Bosch Alumni Network. As part of the project, we developed a resource that participants could use to helpContinue reading “Struggling to know where to start with impact assessment?”

Media Monitoring for Monitoring and Evaluation

By Hugh Atkinson One of the many avenues through which NGOs and human rights organisations seek to have an impact is through direct public communications or by distributing material to actors who can share their work to a wider audience or actors who can strategically drive change.   This process of external relations and distribution isContinue reading “Media Monitoring for Monitoring and Evaluation”

Intersectionality for Evaluation Professionals

by Sophie Nicholas In this blog post, we hope to provide some food-for-thought on how to incorporate intersectionality more as a research or evaluation professional in the non profit sector. But before we dive into how to do intersectionality better, it’s important to know and understand what intersectionality is- and isn’t. What is intersectionality? SomeContinue reading “Intersectionality for Evaluation Professionals”